FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting)

FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting)
FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting) FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting) FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting) FD Ford 8.8 GRANDE Axle & Hub Kit (no diff mounting)
Brand: Ronin
Product Code: FD88-Grande-Kit
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $1,199.00

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Add & Install ARP wheelstuds:

8.8 standard axle trade in (2019 or newer only):

   - OR -   

An 8.8 axle option that allows use of the giant Ford Explorer outer CVs as well as inners.  This version is the standalone kit for those upgrading an existing Ronin 8.8

The 8.8 Grande Kit includes:

  • 2x Grande Halfshafts (4340 heat treated axle shafts, Ford splined on both ends and lengths specific to the FD
  • 4x CV boots…  Notably the Grande shafts do away with the trilobal adapater ring since we found a boot that has the inner CVs bump features built in.
  • 2x CV spacers, this is just a slight correction to be sure the dust shield on the FordCV has the proper spacing the knuckle.
  • 2x FD Conversion Hubs.  Again heat treated 4340.  These use full length splines to maximize engagement. 
  • 2x New wheelbearings.  These pretty much destroy themselves whenyou press the hub out and it’s better to start fresh regardless.  We’re sourcing top shelf bearings fromTimken.  They're made in the USA and Timken makes good stuff.

You will need donor axles from a 2002 to 2010 Ford Explorer as these will provide the needed CVs.  Please note only OEM Ford axles are recommended as several aftermarket suppliers have been found to alter the splines at the interface we care about.

Optional: have Ronin install 2.5" ARP wheel studs

Why?  The Ford 8.8 is a substantially stronger diff than the factory Mazda rear end but historically Ronin was always limited by the Mazda outer CV joints.  Running the Ford outer CV allows us to maintain a larger diameter throughout the shaft.  Diameter matters a great deal for splines as it’s the main driver of strength.  Torsional strength is a function of radius to the 4th power (IE a shaft 2x the diameter is 16x as strong) so it's worth fighting for.

We’re also aware that Mazda outer CV’s are becoming hard to come by.  Now you can use any year 2002 to 2010 Ford Explorer shaft as a CV donor for the inner and OUTER parts and therefore not sacrifice your OEM halfshafts.  This of course helps offset the cost of the upgrade as the used Mazda parts are in demand. 

How much power will it hold?  Well, wheel hop can still kill most things but folks have been knocking on 8s with our STANDARD standard axles.  We expect these to drop below that barrier.  The shafts come with a lifetime warranty so if you do break one just let us know and we'll send you another (international users we ask to pick up shipping).

Available for pre-order now, we expect to begin shipping Grande Axle kits in April 2020.  Note, pictures are of the first articles.  Axles shown prior to heat treat and zinc plate, boots will include grease and boot bands.

Finally, if you recently bought a Ronin 8.8 (2019 and newer) and would like to trade in your mint/uninstalled axles and boots for the upgrade kit, select the trade in option above.  Customer responsible for inbound shipping.  Condition of parts to be verified prior to shipping Grande outbound.

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