FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles

FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles
FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles FD Ford 8.8 IRS - Complete Mount Kit w/ Axles
Brand: Ronin
Product Code: FD-FUL-8.8DIF
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Price: $1,299.00

Available Options

Grande Axle/Hub Upgrade (no wheelstuds):

   - OR -   

Kit includes:

•   Front Mount Support Bridge (weld in)
•   Rear Mount Diff Ring Cradle (bolt on)
•   2X Custom 4340 heat treated axle bars (Ford to Mazda conversion)
•   2X EMPI CV boot kit 86-2127 (outer CV joints)
•   2X EMPI CV boot kit 86-2103 (inner CV joints)
•   All Mounting Hardware
•   RTV silicon (for rear cover installation sealing
•   Instructions and spec

Users will source their own:

•   FD Outer CV Joints (typically donor from the car being swapped)
•   Ford 8.8" Rear End (2007-2010 Ford Explorer) including inner stub axles/CV joints
•   A Driveshaft (install instructions include a variety of recommendations)
•   FD rear diff isolators (user's choice of style but we like polyurethane). 

The Ford 8.8 is a substantially stronger diff than the factory Mazda rear end.  It's available in a huge range of gear ratios (3.08:1 up to 5.71:1) just looking at Summit Racing.  We use a donor rear end from a 2007-2010 Ford Explorer.  It's an aluminum case with dual front mounts and each front mount is massive.  The support on the Explorer makes the Cobra 8.8 front mounts look tiny by comparison.  Furthermore, the Explorer parts are both easier and cheaper to come by than the comparable Cobra pieces.  Everything mounts from the topside which dramatically improves the load path AND you'll retain close to factory like exhaust clearances.  Note: 2006 is a conversion year but so long as it has the dual front mounts that's what you want. 

How much power will it hold?  Well, wheel hop can still kill most things but from the few folks who've managed to break things we can say somewhere around 800 hp is a reasonable approximation.  We've had folks who've made 1000 hp successfully while road racing.  The shafts come with a lifetime warranty so if you do break one just let us know and we'll send you another (international users we ask to pick up shipping).

Our Grande Axle and Hub option allows use of the Explorer Outer CVs as well as inner and comes with unique shafts, boots, wheel bearings, CV spacers, and 4340 heat treated hubs. It adds signifcant strength over the standard kit. More information on Grande is available here:  http://www.roninspeedworks.net/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=109, however if you want to order the kit with Grande added this is your page, just be sure to select the appropriate options.

[UPDATE May 2021:  ARP is badly backordered on the wheelstuds we normally use.  As such we are temporarily suspending wheelstuds as an option on orders.  Please reference the Grande install instructions for several alternative part numbers that may work for you.]

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