LS1/LS2 Wiring Harness Swap Modification

LS1/LS2 Wiring Harness Swap Modification
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Let’s face it guys, most gear heads hate wiring.  It can be slow painful work with a steep learning curve which is a huge frustration if things don’t work out right.  Ronin Speedworks offers wiring modification for ls1 & ls2 harnesses to help your installation go smoothly.  Instead of opening up the harness yourself  and tracing every wire, send us a donor harness, we’ll make all required changes (splicing and rerouting all wiring within the harness before re-wrapping affected areas.   When we send it back, you end up with only a few leads to hook up in your chassis: power (switched and continuous), ground, and relays.   All changes we implement are soldered and heat shrunk for durability.  These modifications allow the OEM engine harness to be spliced into any chassis.

By default wiring modifications include:

  • Confirmation of the existing harness prior to work.  We’ll contact you about any broken connectors or repair work required.  We can work with harnesses in any state but it’s generally more cost effective to work with a good starting point.
  • FD Wiring Instructions
  • FC Wiring Instructions

Options include:

  • The addtion of an new (not used) OBD2 connector (save yourself the junkyarding)
  • A basic PCM reflash.  While nothing can replace a full dyno tune, this will get you up and running. 
    • Includes:
      • Removal of CAGS (skip shift)
      • Removal of VATS (security)
      • Remove top speed limits
      • Basic tune info to get you close
    • Will need certain info from you:
      • Year, Model, and Trans of the car this will be installed into
      • ​Year, Model, and Trans associated with the donor PCM/Harness (harness should match PCM)
      • Trans Type you intend to run (Auto to Manual conversion can be done, Manual to Auto not recommended)
      • Your selection of single or dual stage fan control (default is dual).
      • Your selection in regards to SMOG equipment (Secondary 02's, Air Pump/EGR control)
      • Rear end gear ratio
      • Rear tire size
      • Injector parameters (default = stock)
      • Cam parameters (default = stock)
      • Intended thermostat actuation temperator (default = 190 F)
      • Requested Rev Limit (default 6400)
      • Keep or remove PCM control of AC
      • Keep or remove PCM control of cruise control
  • ​Addition of a stand-alone combination fuse and relay block, includes Buyer's choice of up to 4 relays and 8 fuses, to dramatically simplify your install.

Note, we only support the listed harnesses/ecu's at present.  Once you order, we'll send you shipping instructions to send in your donor harness (and ECU if applicable).  USPS flat rate large boxes work well.  Typical lead times are about 2 weeks from receipt of parts.

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