About Us

About Us

Welcome to Ronin.  Our goal is holistic performance: we believe big horsepower is nothing without reliability and a clean build. We want the ability to put that power to the ground, handle, and stop. We strive for function driven pieces that fit correctly out of the box and look good doing it.  

We ascribe to no particular brand loyalty and will freely mix and match between brands to serve an end goal. We launched Ronin with a focus on the Mazda RX7 because we found it combines a stiff lightweight chassis, a large transmission tunnel, rear wheel drive, and good suspension geometry. These traits making it a great starting point for several types of builds. However, we by no means discount the viability of other platforms. We hope to expand into other applications soon. The world is too big a place to worry about brand loyalty. We like hot rods, British roadsters, American muscle, and drifters. We firmly believe that the best car for any owner is the best set of compromises to serve that owner's needs and budget. Please contact us if you have special requests.

It's your car. Make it what you want it to be. That's the Ronin way. Powerful Precision, Masterless Design.



Joel Payne

Joel Payne is a mechanical engineer by day.  He holds a CA Professional Engineering license and an MBA from UC Los Angeles.  He divides his nights between building offroad rigs that are the stuff of nightmares, and acting as Ronin's chief vigilante superhero.  Joel prides himself in attention to detail and the ability to figure out how things work. His last automotive build was inducted into the v8rx7forum's hall of fame.





Mike Lenhardt

Mike Lenhardt is the purveyor of perception perfection at Lenhardt Optometric Group. He enjoys long walks with his dog, lumberjacking with his wife, drip irrigation with his children, and fiberglass fumes. His automotive experience ranges from creation of a pro-touring 65 impala, 59 cadillac on airbags, 5 speed turbocharged minivan, ls1/t56 turbocharged 69 Suburban, and his destroked ls7 powered widebody rx7. Follow the progress of that build here:


Mike prides himself in outside-the-box thinking and the application of those concepts in hotrodding.




Steven Brisson

Steve is a founder of Ronin, but has retired to pursue spreading the gospel of Bitcoin to the world.  We still love him because he can't defend himself as we blame any Ronin problems on Steve.   


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