Shipping and Delivery Info

Shipping policy:

For your convenience we have made every effort to make flat shipping prices available on all of our products.  We have worked hard to provide safe packaging to fit our products that are often oversized.  We also use the most economically reasonable shipping method possible.  Larger items will ship truck freight. 

International shipping  

We ship internationally and have done business in a variety of overseas locations, however we should mention that some items are much more economical to ship internationally than others.  Compact hard parts (IE tow hooks and motor mounts) can be shipped easily via USPS flat rate post.  Bigger items (wings, hoods, fenders) mean the frieght companies charge us according to "dimensional weight" where-in the carrier pretend the box weights a metric ton more than it really does.  If you want one one of our bigger composite parts internationally you better want it badly because it's common for shipping to be more than the cost of the part and we're getting pretty tired of aborted orders when sticker shock hit.

One added caveat.  We have to ship to the address used on the order.  Paypal explicitly states in their policy that seller protections are waived in any instance where the original address is not used for shipping.  If an incorrect address is used often the only option is to refund the transaction and start over.  This is further complicated as Paypal does not refund transaction fees.  Ronin will gladly redo a transaction if at customer requests but the transactions fees of the original transaction will not be refunded if those fees result from issues unrelated to Ronin's performance.  Excpetions can be granted if the change of address results from delays or other issues not in the customer's control.

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