FC Mandeville Brakes

FC Mandeville Brakes
FC Mandeville Brakes FC Mandeville Brakes FC Mandeville Brakes
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Mandeville BIG Brake setup for FC3S RX7 - A DIY big brake kit that dramatically increases theremal mass, for maximal braking, excellent modularity and factory fit and finish. 

A serious brake setup for the budget conscious do-it-yourselfer.  "Mandeville" big brakes are so named due to the efforts of Roger Mandeville on brakes systems for the 3rd generation RX7.  Roger is no longer selling his kits and has graciously allowed us to follow in his footsteps.
The kit uses a relocation bracket to move the caliper radially and includes spacers and longer bridge bolts to widen the slot for the rotor.  The kit utilizes 2” larger rotors with and added ¼” of thickness. This results in a significant increase in thermal mass and additional resistance to fading. 
Users will provide donor calipers and procure their own rotors.  The kit is designed to interface to rotors from a Brembo equipped Nissan 350z so a wide variety of rotor types may be selected depending if the user wants a basic blank setup or a hardcore two-piece curved vane setup.  One difference between these brakes and the Roger Mandeville originals is that further efforts have been made to optimize the balance between proper clearances and pad overhang.  As such users will be required to conduct some grinding of the donor calipers.  Extremely detailed step-by-step instructions are included in the kit.  However this product is designed for the hobbyist with good attention to detail. 
The Brake Kit includes:
2—Caliper relocation brackets (milled from 5/8" billet aluminum w/ key locking steel inserts)
4—Caliper spacers (2 each, left and right)
4—O-rings (for spacer to caliper sealing)
8—Upsized bridge bolts (zinc plated flange heads like from the factory)
2—Wheel spacers (account for decreased rotor thickness)
4—Mounting bolts (caliper to bracket mounting)
4—Mounting bolts (knuckle to bracket mounting)
8—“Nordlock” washers

Users must provide:
-Donor 4 piston calipers
-350z rotors of your choice

Note: Mandeville brakes are currently available for the FC. FD Mandeville brakes are in development.  Please contact us for a timeline on availability.

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