FC Camber Links - Spare Bearings

FC Camber Links - Spare Bearings
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Ronin is proud present our rear camber adjustment option for the FC RX7. 

This item is one full set of spare Aurora spherical bearings (4 pieces) and circ clip hardware (8) pieces.  Use of snap ring pliers are required for assembly.  A press is recommended but bearings can be installed with a hammer and socket if done carefully. 

If you think you'll only be running two lengths and prefer to "hot swap" at the track, it is recommended you order a (1) complete kit, (1) set of bare frame, and (1) set of spare bearings (this item).  Once assembled that give you two sets of links.  Misalignment bushings from the complete kit can be reused/reassembled in the pits with no special tools required.  If purchased this way, Ronin can assembly the spare links for you at no additional charge.

Please see either "camber link complete kits" or "camber link master sets" for full descriptions of our camber link offerings and benefits.


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